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Minneapolis Photo Booth & Slow Motion Video Booth - 7Booth

7Booth - Minneapolis Photo Booth & Slow Motion Video Booth Rental

7Booth is a Minneapolis photo booth and slow motion video booth designed for event rentals whether that be a wedding, corporate event, non-profit fundraiser, gala and other private event photobooth rentals around Minneapolis, St. Paul, MSP, greater Twin Cities suburbs, and rural Minnesota.
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If you’re looking for a photo booth that’s more fun, more engaging, more party friendly than a traditional closed photo booth setup then look no further. We’re re-inventing the photo booth experience and our clients/guests are loving it!


For starters, we can have up to 12 people in our booth (even more if you squeeze). Why does that matter? Our booth ignites spontaneous excitement, energy, and fun. No more exclusive groups of 2 or 4 just acting silly, we dive right into full on crazy excitement (*depends on your guests and the event of course). Yes, we can still do groups of 4, 2, or even solo photos.


Our images are hand cropped and receive a light editing by a real photographer, this extra step going above and beyond is integral to why our images look like professional quality photos (albeit with guests acting silly). Don’t you deserve professional quality hand cropped images of your guests? 


Your guests can do as little as one photo or as many as they’d like. So if you’ve got 50 or 500 people you want to run through the booth for fun photos, we can make it happen fast. No waiting for prints, everything is digital and gets delivered by 7 am direct to your guest’s email box in High Resolution.


Quality photos require quality light. Unfortunately, most of the other photobooth’s out there have tiny rectangle lights in a tiny box that make your images look flat and boring. We use a large umbrella sized light source that makes you look amazing and the colors pop. Not only that, we know of companies using web-cam’s (YES! Web-cam’s!) for their “camera”. Our booth uses DSLR’s and we’re proud of our image quality.


We don’t print photo strips and we’re proud of it. With printed photo strips, guests spending the night looking at little pieces of low quality photo paper, with 7Booth your guests are free to have a good time knowing that by the time they wake up tomorrow morning they’ll have an email with instructions on how to view, tag, share, like, download, and how to leave comments about how much fun they had at your event. They can even update their Facebook profile picture – all for free – by 7 am.


Since your guests are having such a fun time at your event and in our 7Booth, they’re that much more excited to check their phone when they wake up to view – comment – like – share – and update their statuses about how much fun they had at your event. Don’t be surprised if you find a bunch of your guests sporting new profile images from YOUR event’s photobooth – it happens.


Beyond the fact that our guests find our 7Booth to be such a fun, unique, and better experience, because we aren’t printing paper and using ink, we are able to offer our booth at an even more affordable price. We offer the best value photo booth in the Twin Cities starting at just $499! Get a formal quote to know your final number along with custom options to compare

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